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Year 6 - After School Lessons & KS3 & 4

In response to requests from parents, we are pleased to recommend Miss Carrie Millard an experienced secondary school Head of Year/Teacher. In her classes the children will have the opportunity to build on their skills. Miss Millard teaches all age groups from Year 6 upwards but has particular knowledge of the Year 7 English curriculum so will be able to help prepare the children for their transition to secondary school and work with them beyond this should you require further tuition at a later stage. Miss Millard will endeavour to raise the pupils achievement in English through the following activities:

Comprehension skills (including predicting possible literal, inference and evaluation question)
Skimming and scanning of text for context clues to clarify unknown words
Reading for meaning
Extending Vocabulary
Improve use of punctuation
Creative writing techniques
Writing for different purposes, styles and genres.




Hurst Community Centre,
Hurst Place,
Hurst Road,

Apologies but Year 6, KS3 & 4 classes have currently been suspended for 2019/20

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