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Our Aim

The overall aim of our lessons is to familiarise the children with the types of questions they will face in the 11+ exams and to teach them the strategies and skills required to solve them using innovative teaching methods. We want pupils to enjoy their learning and achieve their potential.

However, we don't just want to "cram" for the 11+. We want to teach the children the skills to enable them to be confident, independent thinkers and learners; able to manipulate numbers and solve mathematical problems; to develop their understanding and use of vocabulary; to be confident in spelling and word building activities and ultimately to learn skills that will help them to feel confident when they move on to their secondary schools.

What you get

We recommend 1 & 1/2 hour sessions for your child.

Each week he/she will be taught concepts and skills relating to the Year 5 curriculum in Maths and English. Your child will be taught as well as tested.

Two teachers will be present at all time and pupils will be encouraged to use individualised strategies to support their learning, where necessary.

The English element will include Verbal Reasoning technique and practice.

Non Verbal Reasoning skills will also be taught.

Along with teacher directed activities there will always be an exercise to assess how well he/she understands the concept and often homework to help reinforce it.

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