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“A huge thank you to CS Tuition for for their fine tutoring of our son Luca. It was apparent from the first session Luca attended that we had made the right choice in eleven plus tutors. Cathy & Carol create a great learning environment and were able to quickly identify Luca’s strengths and weaknesses. The class size is deliberately small and attention to the individual students progress is given. Any concept that Luca didn’t fully understand was not ignored, it was explained and if necessary reexplained until he was confident. As parents it was reassuring to hear Luca come home, having already been at school for the day, saying that he enjoyed his session. The October Half Term sessions were invaluable, they were a real confidence boost and excellent prep for the exams. Luca sat both the Kent & Bexley tests in 2020 and flew through both. Great job Cathy & Carol.” Pierre & Ruth November 2020

"Thank you so much for all the effort you've done this year. It was a challenging year and you were able to adapt quickly and made sure the children don't miss out with their 11+ preparations. My son was deemed selective for both Kent and Bexley tests, we will all miss you. Marwa , December 2020.}"

"Dear Carol and Cathy, Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your work with Jesse. We started in Year 4 after school lessons which laid a solid foundation that helped him grasp the underlying concepts and techniques required to progress to more complex problems especially as both Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning were not taught at his school . One thing that was evident which the teachers spotted from year 4 was the fact that he did not like Non Verbal reasoning and this helped us massively since we quickly identified it and gave us a focus to work with purely for the exams and the teachers spent more time explaining concepts to him having identified this weakness. Looking back, having started in Year 4 didn’t put us under any pressures closer to the exams as we had built knowledge gradually over time and this is so important. Jesse built on the foundation from year 4 to year 5 and we attended the holiday and intensive classes closer to the exams. The creative writing workshops were helpful especially as this helped Jesse to enjoy and love writing as it was something we struggled with a bit initially with him. One thing we benefitted from was the small size of the class approximately 10 students I believe and the fact that it was not pressured and done in a fun, interactive but result oriented manner. The feedback received on a termly basis with raw scores helped in our review of areas to pay more attention to. This was priceless! These came in handy in the extra practice he did at home. We liked the fact that it was a calm and healthy atmosphere which can help take away some of the 11+ pressures . Jesse was deemed selective in the Bexley test, Kent test , Passed St Olaves test and also the ISEB Common pre-test used by some of the country’s most selective independent schools. We couldn’t be more grateful and proud for everything! Thank you so much Mrs Smedley and Mrs Clinton." Bolanle and George Feyita ( Parents of Jesse Sept 2019 )

“My daughter came out of her CS Tuition class last night and said “I’m confident now Mummy”. For a child who has refused to engage with maths for the last two years this is a major breakthrough. She comes out of every class very happy and enthused about learning and we would strongly recommend Cathy and Carol’s classes.” Jemma T Sept 2019

"The lessons are enjoyable and informative so that learning is easier to remember. We were handed vocabulary and maths books that we can keep to practice at home. The teachers are ever so kind and will help you whenever they can. Hana Ostrowski Jan 2020"

It has been wonderful to watch my daughters confidence grow during her time with Cathy and Carol at CS Tuition. Having attended the year 5 after school lessons and study weeks she has been able to successfully build upon her learning at school (and indeed learn many new things too!). She has had great fun, always coming out of lessons with a big smile! It perfectly suited her to be in such a kind and nurturing small group setting. Although I cannot place a value on how much confidence she has gained while being with you, ultimately the reward was for her to have been deemed selective having taken the Bexley 11+ exam. I cannot thank Carol or Cathy enough for the huge part they played in her fabulous achievement. Mrs K Murphy - Oct 2018

CS Tuition have been simply wonderful. My son received tuition in year 5 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Knowledgeable, experienced, kind, caring, fun tutors in a safe and secure learning environment. I could not have wished for more. Thank you. From Mrs C Smith - Oct 2018.

I highly recommend CS Tuition. Both my daughters have attended CS Tuition with Cathy and Carol during years 4 and 5. My eldest daughter was struggling at school and her confidence was extremely low. I was recommended to CS Tuition who within 2 sessions advised me that they thought she had dyslexia. This had been a concern of mine for some time but she was refused testing at her primary school. Cathy and Carol advised me accordingly and supported me considerably in arranging and receiving a private diagnosis of Dyslexia. Both my daughters adored their sessions at CS Tuition as they were fun, friendly and all the children make amazing progress where they are encourage to try. They both attended the Easter and Summer Study Sessions which they thoroughly enjoyed whilst being challenged at the same time. Although neither of my daughters were deemed selective, my eldest daughter went from having such low confidence to exceeding her end of year expectations at the end of primary school. Cathy and Carol helped her with techniques to assist with her working memory which she is still using today. She is currently in the top sets in her secondary school and is achieving grades we did not think were possible where her confidence has gone from strength to strength. My youngest daughter has grown in confidence and now believes in her own ability. She is exceeding end of year expectations and is thoroughly enjoying her learning. This would not have been possible without the help and support of Cathy and Carol and I cannot thank them enough. Both my daughters and I will miss them both! Mrs J. Smith Oct 2018

Hi Carol and Cathy, Elvira really enjoyed the summer session and the term one of course! I must admit I am really struggling to understand the NVR papers so perhaps I can join the class next year :) With your help, her school report was exceeding in all levels and especially her improvement with maths which her teacher was well pleased with! Thank you so much from all of us and have a great summer! Dessi

Dear Carol and Cathy, Lukas has had an absolutely smashing time this week, full of adventurous experiences and academics at the same time. We are most thankful for Lukas being able to come in earlier, which accommodates us with our busy work schedule. With gratitude Neringa 26/8/17

My daughter had attended CS Tuition from last September. Her greatest challenge was language as she being bilingual. After a year, however, her English has improved greatly to a standard where she is now ready to take 11+, thanks to Ms Smedley and Ms Clinton's kind and patient teachings, which really suited to my rather shy daughter. K. Morishima 4th August 2017

Dear Cathy and Carol, It has been an invaluable week for Sidney; not just the 11+ preparations but also needing to have the maturity to go into a new learning environment with different peers and teachers. We will spend this week going through the booklets you kindly provided but I feel happy now that Sidney will approach these tests without the fear of the unknown. I have four children (Sidney is my eldest) so I’ll definitely be in touch to book again in the future ! Gemma 1st Sept 2017

Dear Carol and Cathy, Thank you for your email and scores for Josh's session. I just want to thank you both for putting Josh at ease on his first day, I really think the sessions has boosted his confidence and been very helpful for him. I will be sending my daughter along in a couple of years time and will definitely recommend your courses to my friends. Kind regard Chantel 5/9/17

I was recommended to CS Tuition by another Mum at the School, my daughter attended after school classes with Carol and Cathy and was always happy to go, she enjoyed the classes and made many friends. The classes really helped with her 11+ preparation and she felt more confident and ready by the time the exam took place. My daughter also attended Summer courses with CS Tuition. I felt guilty sending her to classes during her Summer holidays when she should be having fun, but I need not have worried! Carol and Cathy sent some photos of the children in the beautiful grounds enjoying each others' company, building dens and having ice creams. She looked so happy I didn't feel guilty anymore! I would definitely recommend CS Tuition, it really helps the children and they actually enjoy it! My daughter told me that she feels the ladies actually care about the children rather than it just being clinical tutoring. The classes are small and the children gain a lot from eachother and the teachers. Mrs Scanlon August 2016
Before I started CS Tuition, I wasn't as confident as I am now about my 11+. CS Tuition helped me boost my skills in different subjects helped me learn new things like algebra. They helped me with my vocabulary so I learnt new words, phrases, collective nouns and other various things. I'd like to thank CS Tuition for everything they have helped me with.- Zarina 2015

I have never seen my daughter being so enthusiastic about learning. Her confidence grew every week and the skills she was taught will be very useful in her secondary school. She definitely discovered that learning can be fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend CS Tuition to all parents who want their children to succeed I all aspects of learning.- Elena 2015

Dear Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley Your tuition was excellent and both of you were genuinely nice. I've not the slightest doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have got the scores I did, had I not come to CS tuition. I would strongly recommend CS tuition to anyone. Both of you were always very encouraging and I honestly had an enjoyable time there. Aderayo Sept 12 - July 14.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley for all their hard work in preparing our daughter for her 11 plus exams. Having used CS tuition for our son's preparation, we had no hesitation in registering our daughter. She thoroughly enjoyed the lessons ( never once complained about going ) and we received regular, detailed reports on her constant progress through the year. All in all, she has done very well in her exams and we are very happy parents. We couldn't recommend CS tuition highly enough. Many thanks,Bola and Bayo Adegbite. (Parents of Aderayo Sept 12 - July 14.)

I enjoyed CS Tuition because some of my school friends attended the classes and I like the teachers because they are very friendly. The vocabulary I learnt there came in handy for Creative writing tasks - we were able to put those skills into use in the interactive games we played outside and inside the class. I think I have made some lifelong friends at CS Tuition and I would recommend them to anyone for their great academic support. Thank you very much Olukorede Sept 13 - July 14

CS Tuition (Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley) gave our son, Korede a solid foundation in Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and English. He started by attending the CS Tuition after-school classes in year 4. The teachers worked very hard with the children after school, during the weekends and most of the Summer Holidays before year 6. We signed Korede up for all the sessions available and we are so pleased we did that. We noticed a marked improvement in Korede's vocabulary, grammar and verbal reasoning skills a few months after starting CS Tuition. The quick "Vocabulary and Mathematics facts booklets" were Korede's constant companions while preparing for the examinations. Korede did well in his Kent and Bexley tests and he also passed the competitive St Olaves's School entrance test. In addition to this, he did well in the Independent School Examinations and has been offered a place at Eton College. We are pleased to have trusted CS Tuition to help in such a crucial period of our son's life. We are truly satisfied. We cannot recommend CS Tuition highly enough. A huge Thank you to Mrs. Clinton and Mrs Smedley. We are one grateful family. Ola and Dayo Fasina - Sept 13 - July 14

CS Tuition has helped me immensely and whilst making loads of progress it was enjoyable. Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley are two very enthusiastic and helpful teachers. They helped me to prepare and pass the Bexley selection test, Kent selection test and Newstead Wood selection test. Whatever the result you will know that you have improved. I strongly recommend CS Tuition. Lily - Year 5 pupil - October 2013

Our daughter has just completed a year of studying with CS tuition. The support and care of Carol and Cathy did far more than just enabling our daughter to pass the eleven plus and Kent exams. Most importantly it gave her confidence and self belief and a real appetite for learning which she had lost during the previous couple of years. We believe that at school in a class of thirty our daughter had been overlooked and her potential missed. We will always be grateful to Carol and Cathy for their kindness and expertise which have helped our daughter become an enthusiastic learner with an attitude which has changed from 'can't do' to 'can do'. Year 5- Parent Sept 2014

I will like to say a big thanks to you and team for all the efforts! We constantly assess Femi's abilities and readiness for the Secondary entrance exams, and one thing we can say for sure is that, by the time he spent just a few sessions at CS tuition, it was immediately obvious to us that your expert tuition had already made such a huge difference. His average assessment test results had improved significantly. This is what I believe is what lead to the success he achieved in both Bexley and Kent tests. Once again, a big thank you to you and your team. We know this will not have been possible without the expert tuition from CS tuition. Mr & Mrs Tobun Year 5 parents October 2013

I would like to thank you both for the time and effort you put into helping my son, and myself, with getting through the 11+ preparation. He really enjoyed your sessions, even preferring to go to your Easter and summer courses rather than the usual holiday activities at the local sports centre! He misses them now he's in year 6. Thanks to your expertise and his hard work, he successfully passed both the Bexley and Kent 11+ tests. I would highly recommend C S Tuition to anyone looking for 11+ tuition. Julie Lockwood, October 2013

When my twin sons received coaching for the 11+ tests from CS Tuition, the teachers, Ms Smedley and Ms Clinton ensured there was continuity and consistency in their preparation. They were always very encouraging of my boys and reinforced in them the desire to excel. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their lessons and were particular about completing all homework given as it helped consolidate their learning. Through their experience of the 11+ tests, they helped my boys hone in on time efficiency. Both boys passed the Kent tests with maximum scores and Bexley tests with flying colours. In addition, they also passed the St Olave's test and are preparing for independent school exams. They both enjoyed the classes and looked forward to attending them even during the holidays. I will, without reservation, recommend CS Tuition to any parent whose child needs the extra help to succeed at these extremely competitive tests. Nikky Aderanti 28th October 2012

CS Tuition provide a personal and professional study environment that embraces the needs of your child. Both Cathy and Carol seem to have a magic way of communicating and encouraging the best from your child......cannot recommend them highly enough ! Shelley Walker

I would like to express our gratitude to CS Tuition for the work they did with our son in preparing him for the 11 plus exams. He passed both the Kent and Bexley tests with flying colours. Mrs Smedley and Mrs Clinton provided a safe, comfortable and fun environment which could only enable the children to thrive. We are extremely pleased with the overall outcome of their excellent tuition and we cannot recommend CS Tuition enough. Naomi Odubunmi

My son did coaching for the 11plus and passed both the Kent and Bexley tests with flying colours. In addition he also passed the St Olave's test and got a scholarship at an independent school. He enjoyed the classes and looked forward to attending them even in the holidays.

I would highly recommend them for the 11 plus preparation.

Good luck

Huma Rahij

The classroom tuition was exemplary. Further to this, the attention tailored to my sons educational strengths and weaknesses as an individual resulted in him passing numerous selection tests (including Grammar exams), as well as providing a solid preparatory foundation for secondary school.


Simon Needham

Dear Cathy and Carol,

We would like to thank you for the excellent tuition service which you provided over the summer. It helped Christopher immensely with revision and going over unfamiliar or forgotten subjects and really boosted his confidence. With your excellent help and his hard work Christopher passed both the Bexley and Kent selection tests with fantastic marks, something we don't really think would have been possible had he not attended your classes.

Wishing every possible success with your new venture, you deserve it!!

Kind regards,

Karen Merryweather and Andrew Sweet.

I would definitely recommend the services of CS tuition. All three of my children passed the 11+ and at the moment two are very happy at the grammar school of their choice!! Third child awaiting allocation of a grammar school in March 2012. I can honestly say my children benefited from the positive encouragement, excellent style of teaching and the overall ethos of trying your best. I would say to anyone give CS tuition a try you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

From a very pleased parent

A. Ikotun

Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley did home school with me and 4 of my friends from my old school for a term, it was fun and I learnt a lot. We did puppet making, cooking, trips out plus all the normal subjects like maths, english, history and much more.

Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley were the nicest teachers you can count on them. They are both there to help and it has helped me to experience a good time during school it is one of the best things I have done and I would do it all over again. It has helped me immensely and f you are lucky enough to get a chance to go there trust me you should take it.

Joe aged 11

Both my sons were taught by Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley in year 5 and both had a very positive experience gaining places at local grammar schools. They are not just teachers they're parents too so know the challenges that parenting can bring. My youngest son was homeschooled by both Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley for a term, I can honestly say he enjoyed every single day . Both made learning seem like fun managing to keep his attention and interest. They knew where his strengths were and encouraged those as well as building on those areas that needed some help. Above all for me they know how to talk to and be with children in a way that seems to get the best out of them.

Debbie Butler

Dear Mrs Clinton and Mrs Smedley,

We'd like to say a big thank you to both of you for all the help given to Folarin in his 11+ preparation. You laid a good foundation starting from his Year 5 in Harenc School through to the study weeks and the Saturday classes. They were invaluable. You instilled a strong competitive spirit in Folarin which was vital for the exams, We definitely saw his confidence grow week on week. He benefited hugely from the one to one attention when needed. Ultimately,he's passed his exams with flying colours and we attribute a huge part of his success to all the hard work you put in for we are very grateful.

Many thanks,

Bayo and Bola Adegbite

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