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Cathy Clinton - Head of Curriculum

Cathy Clinton

I am a fully qualified teacher and have taught for more than 30 years in primary schools both in the state and independent sector. I have had many years' experience tutoring 1:1 and in small groups.

For 16 years I was responsible for the year 5 class in a local private school. As well as general class teaching, I was also a member of the Senior Management Team, overseeing the curriculum, assessment and reporting along with my colleague, Mrs Smedley - and preparing the children for their 11+ entrance exams.

At this school, I was also responsible for both the organisation and the delivery of 11+ Saturday classes and Study Weeks. These classes were very popular and successful, attracting children from other local private and state schools.

Having founded, CS Tuition with my colleague Carol Smedley, I am delighted to have the freedom to be responsible for the curriculum. Whether I can supplement the teaching in schools, or prepare a child for the 11+, I am able to plan all the work and individualise each child's learning style to motivate and inspire them in order that they can reach their potential.

Carol Smedley- Teaching Support/Administration

Carol Smedley

I have taken a leading role in the assessment and planning of intervention for children with Learning Difficulties and hold an RSA in Specific Learning Difficulties (RSA SpLD). I have 17 years' experience as a Special Needs Co-ordinator and teacher, and was part of the Senior Management Team in my last setting, working alonside Cathy Clinton.

I have had many years developing new strategies, resources and ideas to encourage better retention of information and have worked with a range of pupils and adults, demonstrating a variety of particular learning styles and needs. In our classes, each pupil will demonstrate their own strengths and weaknesses, and I am able to focus support on their individual learning styles and create strategies to improve pupils' ability to recall and process information more quickly.

I am delighted to form a partnership with Cathy Clinton and to be involved and help implement the exciting and innovative curriculum she has developed for the children.


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